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Frequently Asked Questions

We prepare our movie program together with movie companies by selecting the movies that we believe our guests will like. In accordance with the agreements executed with the movie companies, there is a definite period of time when the movie has to be screened, so we prepare our program with the aim to increase our movie diversity according to availability of our movie theatres. However, because our theatres are full in terms of the number of movies during some weeks or the movie company does not show that movie in that city, we may not be able to show every movie. As all of these developments are completely clarified one week before the movie comes to the theatres, sometimes we may have shared visuals or trailers before that date.

The movie companies determine the dates and the countries where the movies will be shown. We can prepare our program only with the movies that are shown in Turkey.

The movie companies decide whether old movies can be screened again. If the movie company decides to screen the movie again and if our theatres are available, we can screen these movies.

We show extra efforts to host Altın Portakal, Altın Koza, Film Ekimi, !f and various festivals. However, apart from these, as the movie companies open festival, European etc. movies with a lower number of copies or because our theatres are not available, we may not be able to show all of the movies.

As the screening durations are determined in accordance with our agreements with movie companies and the demands received from our guests, we cannot provide an exact date on this issue. You can follow the updates from our website.

We prepare our movie program together with movie companies by selecting the movies that we believe most of our guests will like and we try to diversify depending on the demands. However, in order to include new movies opening each week, the screening of some of the movies can be ended in accordance with the agreements that we execute with movie companies.

The movie companies decide whether the copies of the movies being screened in Turkey are released in their original format or with Turkish dubbing. For the movies that will be screened in both formats, distributors leave the decision up to the cinema administrators. We evaluate the demands received from you to decide which format the majority would prefer and we place our copy orders accordingly.

We can screen movies both with subtitles and dubbing as well as in their original language. You may find detailed information about the format on the detail page of the movie that you would like to watch.

Screening in the original language does not have any dubbing or subtitles. You can watch the movie completely in its original language.

We offer our CGV Cinema Club members the option to follow special movies. Sales etc. notifications regarding the movie that you are following will come to your profile. This way, you can reach campaign etc. information related to the movie you are following before everyone else.

Our CGV Cinema Club members can give scores to the movies and as a member, you can join the voting while enjoying the offers customized for you.

Our CGV Cinema Club members can vote on the movies by giving scores and we share the top ten movies that are liked most determined as such in this list.

We distribute the movies to the movie theatres in line with the demands that we receive from you and depending on how long these movies will be screened.

Our VIP theatres are located at Paribu Cineverse Zorlu Center and Paribu Cineverse Akasya Acıbadem. At our VIP theatres, you may adjust the seats and leg areas, you may change the position of the seat with a single button and you may place the concession products you bought on the small coffee tables placed next to the seats. However, the advantages of the campaigns are not valid in these theatres and show time/price lists may be different.

IMAX is the 2 and 3 dimensional cinema technology that is closest to the reality and makes you feel as if you are actually in the movie. The special geometric structure of the theatres are combined with special screens and special sound system to provide you with a unique experience.

MPX or Mars Premium Experience is a new movie watching experience that we offer featuring wider seats and wall-to-wall screen. The projectors equipped with MPX, 4K technology and Atmos 3D sound system enriches the viewing experience while bringing several audio and visual details forward.

It is the latest sound system technology that allows the sound inside the movie theatre to be given simultaneously with the images from five different sides with the distribution of the speakers and creates the feeling that the sound is surrounding you.

The age limit is being determined by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and as it is a legal practice, we cannot allow the guests below the determined age limit inside the movie theatres. However, for the limitations specified with the codes bearing the code A such as 7A, 13A, 15A, our smaller guests may watch the movie if accompanied by someone aged above the limit.

As the ears of the children under the age of 4 might be damaged due to the sound level and cause the other guests inside the movie theatre to lose their concentration, we can only host our guests who are 4 years old in accordance with the age limitations.

We determine our show time with the aim to offer you more show times and movie options depending on the movie, advertisements, duration of the trailers, availability of our theatres and the demands we receive from you. We try to include as many show times as possible within this time where we offer services accordingly however due to the duration of the movies, we can determine show times varyingly.