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When you visit website; some general, impersonal information can be collected and recorded. This information may consist of your visit's time and duration, the pages you look at on the website and the previous visited website before you come to our website. This information is only used to measure the website's activity and generate ideas to improve our website. Statistical data is shared with cooperated firms to enrich the website's content and make the usage more effectively so that we can improve our service quality. Except this proceeding, the information is not sold or used for commercial purposes with any other reason.

Unless it is prohibited by the law or we mention it during registration, your name/last name and e-mail address will not be shared with other corporations. has the right to share confidential and personal information, within the boundaries of currently applied mandatory law and regulations, and only when properly asked by legal authorities when taked responsibility. reserves some information and materials that subject to copyright like text, photograph, graphic, sound and music; some belong to self and some belong to the third parties. has the copyright of work/compilation about the content, information and materials. The user accepts that copying can only be done for personal use and without the written consent of; content and the materials cannot be changed, copied, duplicated, published, sold, helped to be used for illegal purposes.

In case you place your payment with debit or credit card, in order to keep the user information security at the highest level, your card information is not being stored under any circumstances.