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Process Guide

CGV Cinema Club Membership Procedures

 Go to the website at and click the "Member Login" button located on the top right corner.

You may log in with your e-mail address / card number you received at Paribu Cineverse box offices and password or you may click "become a member" button to register as a new member. If you are logging in for the first time with the card that you received from Paribu Cineverse box offices, your password will be your card number.

You may check your points from "My Profile" tab on the top menu and use these points during shopping.

You may update your information from "My Personal Information" tab and benefit from the advantages offered by CGV Cinema Club. If you would like to receive campaign information and announcements via e-mail and sms, you can tick the box under the "Personal Information" page.

Purchasing Tickets

In order to switch to movie details page and read more about the movie, visit and click "Search" icon at the top of the page, write the name of the movie you wish to display and click on the name of the movie.

If the movies you are interested in are already on the homepage, click on the images or "details" button to switch to the movie details page and access information about the movie. In order to view the show time screen, click "Quick tickets" button and go to " Quick tickets" tab on the top menu and then select the date, theater and movie.

On the movie details page, under "get tickets now", you may fill out the sections “When?” and "Which Movie Theater?" to find out about the show times for the movie theaters where the selected movie is screened.

You may access movie theater and show time information by selecting the theater.

The information next to the movie theater display the screening format of the selected movie.

You may click the show time of the movie that you would like to watch to continue with the page where you may select the "type of tickets" and "number of tickets".

After making your selection, you may choose the seat(s) from the seat selection screen and click "Continue" button at the bottom right section of the page.

*At any stage, you may log in to CGV Cinema Club member area to benefit from the advantages. However, this is optional.

You may view the ticket and price details on the "Confirmation" page. After entering your identity and contact information and approving "Distance Sales Contract", you may click "Make Payment" button on the virtual POS screen for the payment transaction and proceed with or cancel the order.

For the payment transaction, you have to enter the name on the card, credit card number, expiry date and 3-digit CVC Security Code written at the back of the card.

After checking your information and the total payment amount, click "continue”.

After the purchasing transaction, your movie theater ticket information will be sent to the e-mail address that you entered. According to your preference, you may click on the SMS option and receive the movie theater and show time information as a short message as well.

You may enter the movie by printing out your ticket at Paribu Cineverse box offices or Kiosks.

You may find the terms of Confidentiality, Agreement and the terms of use at the bottom of the pages at

You may reach the confidentiality rules regarding your personal information and data here. You may click here to receive information about the resolution mechanisms in charge in case of any disputes.